• Packaging Blister,Welding, Peeling Wall Paint, To Paint, Removing Applique, Shrink Wrap,Loosen Accessories, Thaw Pipes, etc.



Model JS-HG12B
Rated Voltage 220-240V~ 120V~
Rated Frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Rated Power 2000W 1500W
Temperature I: 350℃
II: 550°C
Air Flow I: 250L/min
II: 550L/min
Net Weight 0.75kg
Unit Size 25.0×9.1×25.5cm
Package Accessories Packing Size Q’ty per Carton Carton Size Q’ty of 20’/40’/40’HQ
color box 1pc reflector nozzle(A),
1pc cone nozzle(B),
1pc glass protector nozzle(C),
1pc fishtail nozzle(D)
26.0×9.5×26.5cm  5pcs 50.0×28.0×29.5cm 3670/7500/8420pcs
BMC 1pc reflector nozzle,
1pc scraper,
1pc glass protector nozzle,
1pc cone nozzle,
1pc fishtail nozzle,
1pc scraper hook
1pc putty knife
29.0×26.0×10.5cm  5pcs 54.0×30.5×29.0cm 3080/6160/7000pcs
BMC 1pc reflector nozzle,
Ipc scraper,
1pc glass protector nozzle,
1pc fishtail nozzle,
3pcs scraper hooks,
1pc putty knife
1pc cone noule,
29x29x10.5cm  5pcs 56×30.0×31.0cm 2730/5650/6450pcs